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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  February 9, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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and say welcome back to steve paulson. >> i was working yesterday. >> and you were up in napa. >> point richmond and napa. and man, it feels like 78 degrees. and that's exactly what it was. >> i pulled out the flip-flops yesterday. >> well, why not? it was pretty nice. and it will be nice today but not as nice as yesterday. a little cool. and you lose that breeze and things drop off. technically, we're still in winter for a while. we have a ways to go before spring. and some of the records -- most of the records -- went back to 2006. some 1954. santa cruz, 85. that's the best you can do? oakland, 81. the oakland airport was 79. napa 79. and kentfield and san rafael at 74. records are possible for a few
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today. livermore has to hit 77. that won't happen. but san jose 74 and that's in the mix. 40s for some. and low 40s. concord, 44. livermore, 41. and 57 half moon bay and 56 in the city. it's close to a few upper 30s. it will not be as warm as yesterday. there's still a southeast, east, we haven't completely turned around the wind yet. but we will as the system approaches. a cooler morning, sunny and warm. not as breezy. it will not be as warm as yesterday but the temps are well above average which translates into a lot of 70s. >> hard to believe, huh? >> looks good. you can't complain although some people will because people are complainers. >> i'm hearing people saying is this it for the rain?
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it will be back. good morning. as a matter of fact right now. the traffic is not bad either. i think steve and i are here giving you good news. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. not a bad drive getting into san francisco. taking a look at i-880 it looks light past the oakland coliseum. and traffic continues to look good to hayward. highway4 shows pretty good traffic. 680 also looks good. and 580 in the livermore valley is not bad. things are beginning to get more crowded. it's 5:02 and back to the desk. we're following a developing story from germany. two regional trains killed nine people and injured 150 others, some of them seriously. the injured passengers were taken by helicopter and ambulance to hospitals. this happened in the southern
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state of bavaria in germany. german authorities say all survivors have been rescued from the wreckage. firefighters in san jose are warning people celebrating the lunar new year to keep fireworks out of the festivities. allie rasmus is in the newsroom with the warning that comes after a fire last night at a shopping mall. >> reporter: fireworks are believed of the sparked a fire at the grand century mall in san jose on story road. >> reporter: several people posted video of it on social media. and you can hear the crack of the fireworks and you can see them light up the sky. and you can see on the right- hand side, flames from a tree outside a store front. once the firefighters arrived they were able to put out the flames quickly. no one was hurt and the fire didn't spread or damage other
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buildings. firefighters want to remind everyone in san jose that fireworks are illegal and have been for the last 30 years. and firefighters want everyone to have a safe and fun lunar new year celebration with an emphasis on the safe part. and that means no fireworks, pam. >> all right. it's a tough decision because it is part of their celebration. thank you, alley. 5:04 is the time. a suspect in a domestic dispute is said to be in a stable condition after being shot by daly city police. a man was chasing a woman. and witnesses say he had a knife. the suspect was chased into a backyard on saint francis boulevard near highway 101. the officer continued the suspect and shot -- confronted the suspect and shot him in the arm. the officer was put on paid administrative leave. a police sergeant said there are a few details about the suspect and the investigation
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is just beginning. a surprise announcement in santa clara just as the super bowl ends. the mayor of santa clara is stepping down immediately. 53-year-old mayor jamie matthews will no longer be mayor as of today. there are still two years left on his term but he's proud of how the super bowl went and he wants to slow down and spend more time with his family. health issues did not play a role in his decision. the council has 30 days to appoint a new mayor. if that doesn't happen, voters will select a new mayor in november. the nation's first presidential primary is happening in new hampshire. it's a race that could shift the field. doug luzader is joining us live from manchester this morning. and what at least for now is the center of the political world. good morning, doug. >> reporter: we're expecting a
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pretty heavy turnout today. what complicates things -- there are so many undecided voters in new hampshire. as always, the first votes were cast just after midnight in tiny dixville notch where anticipation was high even if the stakes were low. just nine votes. the gop winner by one, john kasich. all four democrats we want for bernie sanders. >> we're still undecided. >> we vote but we're just starting to look at the candidates. >> phone calls, five or six every night. i feel sorry for my postman because he's getting all the mailers. >> reporter: there are a ton of undecided voters here. according to a monmouth university poll, 60% of likely democratic voters in new hampshire are fully committed to a candidate.
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and it drops to 50% for republicans. the stakes could not be higher for the two front-runners. if bernie sanders can't win here, it's not clear where he can win. and if donald trump doesn't deliver, he's in trouble. >> there's a question about the mechanics. the truth is that motivation is always the best thing that gets people in their cars on a snowstorm. >> reporter: and beyond motivation, some of the people showing up at the final events are undecided and we mean undecided. >> it's still a big tossup for me. it could go hillary clinton, it could go bernie, it could go rubio, kasich, bush. >> reporter: that's up in the air. the secretary of state in new hampshire is predicting 550,000 voters. if that's the case, they're talking about 60% of registered
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voters turning out. that would set a record. doug luzader from new hampshire. thank you. it's 1 million people expected to celebrate the denver broncos. the super bowl champs left the bay area and took a jet from san jose to denver. and of course, they had a very valuable passenger on board. there it is. the team tweeted a picture of the lombardi trophy in its own seat. the plane touched down and the players boarded buses. fans lined the street. and they waved the flag out the plane. the celebration begins with a concert in denver's civic center park and a championship parade and rally. and the broncos have three titles. they won back to back in 1997 and 1998. super bowl organizers in the south bay are calling the super bowl a big success.
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the host committee, the leaders of santa clara and san jose, say they are proud of how the region worked together. 85,000 showed up at levi's stadium for the super bowl. during the game, there were 20 arrests for minor offenses but other than that no security issues or safety issues. and they are commending vta for transporting 10,000 people with no problems. >> it's a win in a lot of ways. first, people had a good time. we had a lot of activity in downtown san jose. san pedro square, san pedro street. cesar chavez. >> the exact economic impact won't be known for weeks. and san jose expects more than a million dollars in hotel tax revenue alone. a lot of businesses saw profits and some of the downtown restaurants including original joes say they had a lot less business than expected.
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could the bay area host another super bowl? that's a possibility. >> yeah, i think the overall reaction was so positive that the odds of us wanting to do this again and certainly the nfl will be excited about bringing another super bowl to the region. that's a very real possibility. >> the bay area showed it has the ability to host a world class event. and it needs to keep the momentum going. the host is to host super bowl lvi at levi's stadium. that would be lvi as in levi's stadium. >> we got it. that's kind of cool. there's outrage and concern over a sex offender rehab center in san francisco. coming up in 20 minutes, the religion is grand opening is being put on hold. >> reporter: we're live in san jose where city officials are looking ways for raise money to extend bart to downtown san
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jose. we'll tell you about a proposal that could affect you every time you go to the store down here. and the morning commute includes the bay bridge. so far, so good. west trying to get into san francisco we'll take a check coming up. record setting highs. how long will this last? we'll have the answer coming up. read it and weep or enjoy whatever you want.
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dude, dude, dude. (group chatter) this is bad. i think we're stuck. we're going to have to talk to each other or something. nooo. i don't like this elevator. (group surprised and laughter) how did that feel? was it fun being stuck? i do not like getting stuck! so, the nissan leaf s only gets 84 miles on a charge. but the 2016 chevy volt gets an estimated 400 miles or more
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on a full charge and a full tank of gas. woah! how's that for not getting stuck? welcome back to mornings on 2. let's check in with sal and see how traffic is. there was construction in oakland. >> on 580 and that's an ongoing project to make the lanes smoother. they are repaving. not a big delay but we keep an eye on it. >> well it delayed me. >> you know that the two of you have -- you can just text me and ask me questions. >> of course. >> but not while driving. pull over safely. let's take a look at the commute. the traffic is moving along pretty well if you're driving this morning on 80 westbound coming around the berkeley
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curve. this is a nice looking drive. no problems to the east shore freeway to this spot. usually at 5:30 is when the metering lights come on. and in the livermore valley. we have traffic from the altamont pass that's slow. and once you get to livermore it looks good. and all the way to a the castro valley area. let's go to steve. clear skies and not as windy. it was roaring on sunday and monday. today a breeze and higher elevations. and a far cry from anything yesterday. there was some east bay locations all the way up to lake county. and it was just screaming on that breeze. not as bad. in crockett, breezy, clear, cool, and 52 at this hour. and we made it to 71 yesterday. that's warm for this time of year. clear, cooler. and 40s for many. lots of sun.
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the rest of the week, gradual cooling. and don't see any yet. it will be back. santa cruz 85 and monterey 84. can you say that again. santa cruz, 85, and monterey, 84. oakland airport: san francisco 75 and mountain view 75. and kentfield and san rafael at 74. the system is on the way. it's running into a big old area of high pressure. it will eventually start to turn the wind direction. patchy fog being reported. look at half moon bay. 57. and livermore, 41. that's a huge difference. 43 palo alto. and atherton and woodside. san mateo is 46. and pacifica is 55 warm degrees
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this morning. it's still there just mainly less than 5 miles per hour. the system will eventually swing across with higher clouds and a cool down. the breeze is confined to the higher elevations. temperatures will be just gradually coming down over the next few days but they are still above average. it's a colder morning, that's for sure. sunny and warm. two good friends of mine decided to stick around. the temps are above normal. 70s stuff upper 70s to 80s. only low 70s. santa cruz, morgan hill, gilroy, 76 degrees. that's pretty nice but it was 85 in santa cruz. cooler towards the end of the week. i don't think that was on the wharf. that was in town. >> but a lot of beach days in
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february. >> in february? sweet. all right, steve. we do have developing news to tell you about in san jose where police are investigating a shooting. it happened about 1:00 this morning on worcester avenue in san jose. police responded to a call about someone with a weapon. they found a woman who had been shot and her wound is life- threatening. officers arrested a man at the scene and investigators have not talked about a possible motive. we'll bring you any updates on the shooting and how it's affecting that area as soon as they come in to our newsroom. san jose sales tax could be going up and the city council will look into the possibility. if approved the money would be used to help fix roads. janine de la vega is in san jose to tell us how much money we're talking about and what it
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might pay for. we are here at the bart station and it's under construction and you can see the elevated bart tracks there. right now it stopped near the flea market to go further into san jose more money is needed. here's a daytime look. the track is coming along and this is the station. this is the first phase of the project which consists of two stations. funding is still needed to extend bart to east san jose, downtown, and to santa clara near the airport. and city officials are recommending a measure go on the ballot to ask voters if they would consider a half cent sales tax to pay for the project. it would bring the sales tax up to 9.25%. >> we recognize there's a huge unmet need to build out transportation infrastructure and relieve the traffic congestion and maintain the
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infrastructure that we have. we're looking for bart to connect to the airport. and getting the dollars we need to fill the potholes and maintain the roads. >> the sales tax measure would raise $6 billion countywide for transportation improvements besides helping to fund bart the money would go to building new highway interchanges and upgrading existing ones. money would also go to fixing potholes and repairing roads in poor condition. the issue goes before the city council this afternoon. coming up at 6:30. you'll hear what the mayor says will happen if no action is taken. dave-- it's 520. a warrior had to have surgery. the recovery as the team gets ready to close out the first half of the season.
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new this morning, another rough day on the global financial markets around the world. japan's nikkei fell nearly 5.5%. that's the largest single day drop since 2013. others saw smaller declines as crude oil prices say low and there's concern about the glut from the market of oil. hong kong bucked the trend. european stocks are mostly down
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but spot by a lot. they're all down a little bit. a half to 1% in some places. [bell] >> u.s. stocks look like they are going to open lower again today. our numbers will open almost down 2%. we'll get closer to the opening bell in an hour. the s&p 500, lowest opening in nearly two years. it's below 1900. and in less than an hour ago. coca-cola did report stronger than expected earnings. higher sales volume and higher prices helped off set the costs. growth in noncarbonated drinks including bottled water and teas. the warriors are hosting the rockets, wearing the special chinese new year
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uniforms. and they'll do it without festus ezeli. he had knee surgery yesterday and will miss six weeks at a time when he was averaging career highs in scoring, rebounds, and blocked shots. >> hopefully, he's back in town and will be 100% for april, may, and june. >> festus has been really good for us offensively. he dives hard to the rim and draws a lot of attention and gets boards and put-back. we'll miss him at both ends. >> tonight is the last home game of the month. they play the phoenix suns in arizona and then there's the nba all star break. the warriors open the second half of the season with a six game road trip before coming
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back to oracle march 1st. sources are telling espn. the new york knicks are interested in walton after firing derek fisher yesterday. and walton is reportedly wanted by the lakers if they fire byron scott. but espn reports that walton will not be entertaining head coaching officers until the off season. can you imagine paying less than $2 for a gallon of gas? where drivers are lining up across the bay area to buy the cheap gas. and a controversy over a sex offender treatment center in san francisco. why it won't be opening its doors today as scheduled.
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welcome back. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. let's check in with steve for the weather. >> we were talking nba basketball. >> we're settling the nba. >> good, i'm so glad. >> there's going to be a few openings. but warm, warm, warm. yesterday was wow. upper 70s, low 80s and today will be okay but a little bit cooler even though temperatures will be above average. there's low 40s in the mix. you lose that breeze which was
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absolutely roaring sunday and monday. it's not nearly as bad. we're coming off the caldicott tunnel it was ripping. lots of sun and warm this afternoon. and a few high clouds. and the rest of the week gradual cooling. the system is here. it's just going up yonder. and it will probably give us more of an on shore breeze. it's too far away now. but it's a sign of a cooler pattern. 40 san ramon. san jose is 46. and half moon bay says look at me, 57 balmy degrees. want down south. gilroy 41 degrees. santa cruz 53. that's above los gatos. and there's warm air aloft. and there's a slight offshore component.
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19 truckee. and 42 ukiah. and still 70s on the high temps. 5:30 and here's sal. any new? it's getting more crowded and nothing major as we look at the commute on the east shore freeway. you can see the traffic is moving along relatively well. there are no major problems, that doesn't mean that slowdowns won't start to appear. traffic on 80 is begins to get slow. the metering lights have been switched on. i want to show you highway 4. for most part it looks good. 680 looked good. concord, all the way to san ramon. and 24 is not bad to oakland. there is an uproar in san francisco in the neighborhood over plans to open a treatment clinic for paroled sex
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offenders. alex savidge joins us now where the proposed clinic will not open as scheduled for now. >> reporter: no, it will not. pam, good morning to you. it's the sharper future rehab facility. it was set to relocate to this building at the corner of church and duboce. so the yellow building just across the street from us. it was supposed to open today. and the opening has been put on hold because of a backlash from neighbors. a lot of people turned out for a community meeting. some living in the duboce triangle neighborhood are worrying the center will be too close to schools and daycare facilities, some of which are within 250 feet. and that's the buffer zone set by the department of corrections. they serve at the current location 78 paroled sex
5:33 am
offenders. and they are considered low risk. >> the offenders that we're treating are not the monsters of guys jumping out of the bushes. >> this shouldn't be forced down our throats. >> reporter: sharper future is planning to relocate from the current location here in the city. that move is on hold for now. and again, they are getting a lot of pushback from neighbors. many are frustrated about not being able to have input into the process. and as you heard one woman say, essentially, they feel they've had this forced down their throats. and the opening was set today. they were set to move here today. and that's been put on hold for the time being. >> we'll continue to follow that story. the homeless man accused of stabbing a chp officer in san francisco is due back in court
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this morning. noel corpuz is due to enter a plea. he's been charged with attempted murder of an officer. at the last court hearing his bail was set at $5 million. that officer is still recovering from his injuries. san francisco prosecutors say there's not enough evidence to charge a suspect with the death of a popular deejay. 22-year-old nestor canchola was arrested in connection with the january stabbing of 29-year-old joseph razo. police say canchola and several other people attacked razo and his friends. he is free on bail. the district attorney's office says the murder case is still under investigation. one of several students accused of harassing an african- american roommate is denying he
5:35 am
was involved in any way. the allegations included having a bike lock clamped around his neck and being called racially derogatory names. the young man testified that they did not pick on williams or attacked him. the man is not named because he was 17 years old at the time. the three roommates face battery and hate crime charges. in antioch police are looking for two men who robbed a marijuana delivery driver at gunpoint. he was called to bring medical marijuana to a home on magnolia way on january 29th. when the driver arrived the two men took his wallet, cell phone, keys and marijuana. two nuns from france have spent the last eight years feeding the homeless in san
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francisco. they may become homeless themselves. the sisters operate a soup kitchen in the tenderloin. their landlord sent them a notice he was raising their rent from $3465 to $5500. if they can't pay the increase, they could be evicted. >> you get a lot of -- the more you give it to them, the more you get back to yourself. >> at least three meals a week i depend on. these are the best meals i get actually because the sisters are -- they're the sisters. they do the best. >> the nuns sleep in a room in the back and survive financially by selling homemade pastries at farmers markets and through donations. they hope to keep doing their work. a lawyer for the landlord says the landlord is out of the country and will meet with the sisters once he comes back later this week. president obama will ask
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congress for $2 billion to fight the zika virus. the emergency funding would pay to fund mosquito control programs and create a vaccine against the virus. the virus is spreading quickly through latin america. and it's suspected of causing babies to be born with neurological disorders. blood banks are taking extra steps to prevent spreading the zika virus. they process blood donations for 5 million people each year. it may do something very rare and ask some people to stop donating blood. the impact will not be inconsequential. we know two to 4% across the united states. >> blood source may have to reexamine some of the current blood supply to see if donors report coming down with zika symptoms. those include aching muscles, fever, headaches, a rash, or
5:38 am
even pink eye. it's unlikely the mosquitoes in california will transmit the virus but they want to eliminate all possible methods of transmission. bay area drivers are paying an average of $2.48 a gallon. the cheapest gas in the bay area is believe it or not $1.98 a gallon at a safeway gas station in pleasant hill. we talked to drivers who were waiting in line to fill up at that price. i actually live in san ramon. that's why i'm buying it while i'm up here. >> i've never seen it this low. it was at least $3. >> more than a dozen local stations with gas for less than $2 a gallon, most in contra costa county. >> the national average is
5:39 am
$1.73. and the average in oklahoma is $1.40. benecia residents are voicing concerns over a plan for the valero refinery to receive crude oil shipments by train. four nights have been set aside for review and comment for and against the plan. they want to build a $50 million rail terminal. and two 50 tanker railcars would unload every day. critics are worried about possible derailments and catastrophic fires. >> if there was an explosion and fire, the smoke doesn't stay within the boundaries of the refinery. it will blow all over the region. and this is a notably windy region. >> crudes that we bring in by ship today are the same ones we'd bring in by rail. back in 2013. 47 people were killed in quebec
5:40 am
after a crude oil train derailed there. and another derailment in virginia last year led to the evacuation of two towns. valero says it's not likely to happen here because they have upgraded train cars. chipotle is hoping to regain the trust of customers. they reopened yesterday afternoon after holding a food safety meeting for all of the employees. it comes after 500 people got sick after eating at chipotle restaurants over the past few months. at one point they thought it was caused by australian beef but no definite source has been identified. >> i hope what other food establishments take from this is they need to get serious food safety practices in place throughout the supply chain and among employees. over the past few months we have taken significant steps to improve the safety of all the
5:41 am
food we serve. and we are confident that the changes we have made mean that every item on the menu is delicious and safe. today is fatality tuesday. and san francisco -- fat tuesday. and the fillmore community will honor the southern tradition. stores will be offering discounts and there's a masquerade ball and a free blues concert. that concert is five to seven and then the mass raid ball kicks off. this is the 10th-year that the fillmore community is celebrating mardi gras. the chinese new year is officially underway in san francisco. >> thousands of fire crackers were set off in chinatown driving away evil spirits. there were lion dancers and a dragon. this is the year of the monkey. and chinese legend says the monkey is clever, restless, and
5:42 am
mischievous. expect the year to reflect that. the new year parade is scheduled for saturday, february 20th. don't forget you can watch it live right here on fox 2 beginning at 6 p.m. >> amazing parade. >> it is. 5:42 is the time. there will be another statue outside t@park. and let's go surfing. big waves have surfers traveling to hawaii. how el niño is helping to bring back a competition that hasn't been held in six years. we're looking at the east shore freeway coming up. we'll let you know what time it's taking to drive between the carquinez bridge and the macarthur maze. just about anywhere you went yesterday you probably thought my goodness it's warm. but in santa cruz it was hot, 85 degrees. we'll see about today's weather.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 5:44. and snowing in new england after a winter storm hit the area. strong winds and several inches of new snow dropped in southeastern massachusetts and other parts of the east coast. up to 8 inches more could fall today. surfers from around the world are gathering for what some call the super bowl of surfing. the last time surfingers got to hit the waves for eddie was 2009. conditions have just not been right. but with el niño powered storms creating high surf conditions, many surfers and surrounding businesses are looking forward to the event. >> it's the most prestigious big wave event there is. and it doesn't run all the time
5:46 am
and that's what makes it special. >> surfers say the location -- 80,000 can watch from the beach. forecasters expect the best waves tomorrow or thursday. here in the bay area, we're waiting for maverick surf competition to take place near half moon bay. last week was the perfect opportunity but it was not allowed to take place due to the super bowl. there's still time. the window closes march 31st. sal is watching the east shore and everything else. >> we're looking at the east shore freeway and how long it's going to take to get between the carquinez bridge and the macarthur maze. still 20 minutes and it's getting more crowded in richmond and el cerrito. we're looking at the berkeley freeway system. once you get to the bay bridge,
5:47 am
it's slow at the toll plaza. if the you're driving to the san mateo bridge, the traffic there is going to be busy. it's not stop and go though. i'll show you the area on the san mateo bridge and traffic continues to move along very well if you're driving on 880. a little bit of slow traffic approaching 92. no major problems on westbound 580 through. the traffic continues to move well. the east bay commute for the most part is off to a decent start. it's 13 minutes before the hour, steve. >> would that be the power hour? >> 6:00. >> i'm not trying to talk like barry white. i just can't help it. oh, baby. when you do. good morning. clear out there. it's quiet and cooler. that's for sure. there's a little breeze, nothing like the last couple of days. man, it was like a freight
5:48 am
train. from lake county and napa county. and steven dunlap is in fort bragg and says this weather is boring. be patient, everybody. there are signs that the westerlies are going to breakthrough, a couple weeks from now, a couple weeks from now. i've been saying march. that's my month. that's any story and i'm sticking to it. santa cruz 85. and high pressure will build way to the north. monterey, 84. these were yesterday of course. oakland airport 79. and napa, 78 degrees. were there others? yes, there were. san francisco, 75. mountain view 75. clear and cool this morning and a teeny bit of patchy fog. and there are a lot of 40s here. a few high clouds. and it will be warm. and gradual cooling and here comes the next system. not much is happening here.
5:49 am
we peaked out on the temps yesterday. 42 santa rosa. and 41 livermore. half moon bay 57 and the city 56 warm degrees. and mill valley 52. and novato, 51. this is calistoga, warm air aloft. and you get up 1500, 2000 feet and it's really warm. past poll is -- sebastopol is 42. a few elevations 16 to 20 but not at the as far as. 42 in ukiah. and monterey at 54 warm degrees. 19 around truckee. and 34 incline village. south lake tahoe. there's the system that will send in a few high clouds. this is a tough and stubborn ridge of high pressure. today sunny and mostly sunny to the north. and it will be mild and warm
5:50 am
with 70s. bringing the trend line down a little bit. sunny and warm and breezy for a few. and nothing like yesterday or sunday. a few high clouds and 70s for the highs. these are all above average. yesterday was 15 to 20. it will be mild and very warm for this time of year. but over the next few days we bring the temps down. and cooler as we head into the weekend. so be patient if you're looking for rain. it will be back. >> thank you, steve. 5:50 is the time now. faculty members at 23 cal state campuses could go on strike in april. that's according to the union that represent the lecturers and librarians. they are striking for five days unless there's a deal for a new contract. the faculty association has been deadlocked over a pay raise since last june. they want 5%. and the university is offering
5:51 am
2%. time is 5:50. there's a new robot that could help rescue people from collapsed buildings. in our next half hour, how a cockroach inspired scientists. up next the well known silicon valley company that will crack down on terrorism.
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welcome back to mornings on
5:54 am
2. it's 5:53. >> the developer of the building in taiwan that collapsed has been arrested. rescue workers are sifting through the debris, the only building that collapsed after the quake on saturday. tin cans found in the rubble were used as filler in concrete beams. the developer is suspected of criminal business misconduct. more than 170 people have been rescued from the rubble and 100 are still believed to be trapped. 38 bodies have been pulled from the wreckage so far. there are concerns that russian air strikes in syria are making the refugee crisis worse. dozens were killed after a boat capsized off the greek island. the greek coast guard also
5:55 am
rescued dozens of refugees on packed boats. russian air strikes are forcing the syrians to flee through turkey. >> if the situation continues, it will lead to the displacement of up to 4000 people. it is clear that the russians are aiming for the -- as has happened in other parts of sir i am >> syrian opposition leaders are calling for an end to the bombings. it's made it difficult to bring humanitarian aid. google is joining the fight against isis. it will show users antiradicallization links. the plan was revealed before british parliament. google hopes it will be a way to reach people who are looking for extremist information
5:56 am
before they become radicalized. >> and youtube will make anti- terrorism videos easier to find. the obama administration has been asking them to use their platforms to counterpropaganda. barbie's makeover has inspired a girl from nigeria. it was created by a medical scientist who wanted to see the doll reflect her own style and flair. what do you think? she has 24,000 followers from all over the world. she hopes to make the doll available for sale in the future. we are coming up on the 6:00 hour. and there's a man and a woman robbed at gunpoint. the reason the victims pulled over on highway 101. the record crowds of super bowl l and when the organizers
5:57 am
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welcome back to mornings on
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2. voters in new hampshire heading to the polls right now. it could help narrow down the field of candidates. the returns that have already come in this morning. we are live in san francisco. have you had enough of the super bowl? want it back in the bay area? when organizers think it could return. mornings on 2 starts now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. tuesday, february 9th and i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's talk about the weather. hope your like it. >> it's hard not to like. >> who said it was boring? >> people who say it's boring want rain. >> we do need rain. we want rain. >> february is not a good time to go dry. may is okay but not february. we do have a little bit of a different twist today. it's going to be warm but not as warm as yesterday. we had a rip roaring breeze
6:00 am
yesterday. nothing compared to what we had. and that's going to translate into cooler lows. clear skies, 40 to 56 on the lows. 70 to 76 and a few high clouds might inch in. right now it's clear and system is on the way. and it will start a cooler pattern tomorrow. 40s low. to 57 half moon bay. and 55 san francisco. walnut creek 39. no way they'll be 75 without that breeze. there's a little bit of a breeze but yesterday oakland was flying. that's not the case today. the system will give us a few high clouds to the north. and the pattern is on a gradual cooler trend but very warm today with temperatures in the 70s. not 80s though, sal. that was yesterday. today-- >> i see. you know that i talk to myself when i'm listening to your forecast. >> do you answer yourself? >> i answer myself, i talk to myse


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